Cyprus is a thriving international financial center, one of the most favored Corporate Holding Jurisdiction within Europe, as well as being a major tourist destination.

Thousands of international companies, including U.S. multinationals in petroleum, insurance, foodstuffs, finance and telecommunication have established a corporate presence in Cyprus to take advantage of its network of double tax treaties, the lowest corporate tax in the EU of just 10% and no withholding tax.

With its strategic location at the crossroads of three continents, excellent commercial infrastructure, efficient legal system and civil service, low operating costs, and high level of professionalism Cyprus is considered one of the most respected EU jurisdictions with legal framework in line with EU and OECD requirements. Cyprus has successfully maintained a balance so that the creation of a favorable commercial environment, offering straightforward registration procedures, constructive administrative measures, an impressive range of double taxation treaties and, has not disturbed the impeccable reputation enjoyed by all international businesses on the island.

Every modern business requires all round expertise and Cyprus offers a wealth of qualified professionals who can provide advice and implement recommendations on the entire spectrum of modern business and investment with labor costs that remain significantly lower when than the EU average.

The broad knowledge and understanding of Cypriot business professionals of the market of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, combined with the existence of a large number of International Business Companies in Cyprus, constitutes a substantial advantage for those who decide to use Cyprus as a base for penetrating regional markets.

Due to its advanced telecommunications network and the superb regional and global connectivity on offer, the island is considered as one of the most important telecommunication hubs in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East region. This is also enhanced by an extensive submarine fiber optic cable network and access to major satellite systems.

Cyprus’ geographical position, its accession to the main international maritime conventions, as well as the generous tax incentives and the extensive network of bilateral agreements in merchant shipping, have enabled Cyprus to become one of the leading maritime centers. The Cyprus' Shipping Registry is among the 10 leading merchant fleets of the world accounting for 16% of the EU fleet. More than 45 ship management companies and marine-related foreign enterprises conduct their international activities in the country, and most of the largest ship management companies in the world have established fully fledged offices on the island.

The availability of a free zone area, renders Cyprus an ideal location for manufacturing enterprises and in particular those with export activities in the Middle East and North Africa.

Insurance cover on the island is both modern and comprehensive. The many insurance companies, both local and international operating in Cyprus, can deal with all aspects of risk management.

For the Cyprus government, attracting and fostering foreign investment is amongst the prime objectives of its development policy. As such, a highly favourable environment for all forms of inward and transitional business activity and foreign investment has been created to ensure an infrastructure which has the maximum potential for success and growth.

Economic globalization is neither a new nor transient phenomenon. It is here to stay. Cyprus, as a dynamic, flexible and adaptive economy, has seriously taken up the challenge emanating from both its accession to the European Union and the worldwide trend toward globalization. The results are plain to see. For companies who want to get ahead in today's global economy, there is no location in the region better equipped to help you do it.