An Evening of Conversation and Art in Manhattan

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The Association of Greek American Professional Women (AGAPW) recently held an event entitled "An Evening of Conversation and Art" in Manhattan. The gathering was hosted by Eleni Delimbaltadakis and Spencer Janis at their loft in Flatiron.

The capacity crowd had the opportunity to hear a first-rate presentation on the state of the Greek and global economy by Dr. Vasilis Katsikiotis, Ph.D., Managing Director and Head of Insurance Linked Products Trading Global Markets and Investment Banking at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. "If history can even serve as a distant guide, Greeks have always risen to the occasion when conditions were such that survivorship of the nation was put into question. I’m deeply convinced that Greeks are mindful of their historical heritage and they will rise to the occasion once again. This time, the entire world will be watching," emphasized Dr. Katsikiotis. His presentation was followed by a lively discussion.

The evening also featured a photography exhibit by a young artist, Maria Garozi, entitled "Would we be America if not for...? The American Superwoman and Immigrants on the Streets of New York", which was enthusiastically received by all present. Ms. Garozi gave a brief introduction of her work, which is part of a greater photopoetry project she is working on, focused on immigrants in New York City.

Dr. Olga Alexakos, the president of AGAPW, gave welcoming remarks and introduced the speakers and special guests, who included Ms. Koula Sophianou, Consul General of Cyprus, Ms. Polyxeni Mastroperrou, Director of the Greek Press and Information Office and numerous members of the Greek American community and press.

The guests had the chance to enjoy fine Greek wine provided by Mr. Konstantine Drougos of Wonderful Ethnic, and complementary meze tasting provided by Mr. Christos Valtzoglou of Pylos restaurant.

AGAPW is planning a series of events starting in September. For further information on upcoming events and on the organization please visit their website, or call Dr. Alexakos at 917-405-6833.


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