FOS introduces the Fall Series at Thalassa Restaurant Reception

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An impressive group of mostly young adults, from all walks of life, gathered recently at Thalassa Restaurant, in New York City, to celebrate the 3rd year “commencement” of FOS (Focus On Orthodox Spirituality), a ministry of the Greek Orthodox Catholic Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Conducted by Rev. Frank Marangos, D.Min, Ed.D. Spiros Exaras, the renowned jazz guitarist and Fay, an acclaimed singer, performed a variety of tunes, while people mingled, talked, joked, laughed and had a taste of Thalassa’s gourmet appetizers.

According to Ms. Dorothy Poli, the group’s co-founder and laity leader, “FOS was created in response to the need voiced by New York-area professional men and women for deeper spiritual illumination and nourishment. FOS aims to transform lives by drawing attendees into a fuller understanding of Orthodox faith and worship, all in the context of contemporary culture and society. FOS also seeks to build strong relationships and a sense of community.”

The group meets every Tuesday night at the Cathedral hall. FOS covers a particular topic for a certain number of consecutive weekly sessions. Fr. Frank draws on Scripture, Holy Tradition, Church Fathers' writings, Theology and Liturgical Worship for his exegesis on these topics. FOS encourages suggestions for topics and events as well as tough questions on religion. God wants questioning believers and not blind obedience. According to Fr. Frank, one must use all their resources and strength to dialogue and debate, and wrestle and grapple with issues of faith. Within this struggle, one opens oneself to the reality of God, an experience that each individual must own personally. Loyal to the aim of building community, FOS also offers an opportunity for those attending the session to gather afterwards at any one of the neighborhood restaurants (typically Hi-Life on 78th St. and 2nd Avenue).

Now in its third year, FOS holds events like the one at Thalassa prior to the launch of a new series in order to introduce the new topic and to present what FOS offers to new people and provide a social gathering for existing participants. This Fall Series which runs from October thru December explores the “Names of God” and the relationship between God and man and how it evolved/changed over the course of creation and human history. FOS welcomes all and has among its attendees people of other faiths. For more information, go to or contact Dorothy Poli at


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